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Fourth Jornada Mogollon Conference (Oct. 1985) Collected Papers

edited by Meliha S. Duran and Karl W. Laumbach
©1985     254 pages      $25.00

The 1985 Jornada Mogollon Conference was held in Tularosa, New Mexico, in October 1985. Sponsored by Human Systems Research, the conference served as a forum for a symposium on southeastern New Mexico. Those papers were edited by Susana R. and Paul Katz and were published by the Bureau of Reclamation, Pecos River Projects Office, Carlsbad, under the title Advances in Middle Pecos Archaeology; Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Fourth Jornada Conference. The remainder of the presented papers cover a broad variety of topics pertaining to the prehistory of south-central New Mexico.

Papers included in this volume are:

  1. Carmichael, David: Obsidian Hydration Analysis of Pueblo Period Sites in the Southern Tularosa Basin
  2. Foster, Michael S.: An Isolated Structure from Keystone Dam: Site 33 South
  3. Hunter, Rosemary: The Tony Colon Site I
  4. Johnson, Michael and Steadman Upham: Approaches to Adaptive Diversity: A Preliminary Report on Archaeological Investigations in the Organ Mountains, Southern New Mexico
  5. Laumbach, Karl W. and David T. Kirkpatrick: A Cultural Resource Inventory of the Southern Edge of the Chupadera Mesa: The Sgt.York Archaeological Project
  6. Lekson, Stephen H.: Regional Systematics in the Later Prehistory of Southern New Mexico
  7. Newton, Richard E. and Steadman Upham: Projectile Points as Chronological Marker: A Reassessment of Morphological Attributes as Time-Sensitive Indicators
  8. Ravesloot, John C.: The Santa Teresa Project: Temporary Use Sites of the Mesilla Bolson, Southern New Mexico
  9. Seaman, Timothy J. and Barbara J. Mills: What Are We Measuring? Rim Thickness Indices and Their Implications for Changes in Vessel Use
  10. Tainter, Joseph A.: The Mountainair Lithic Scatters Revisited: A Consideration of Research Design in Archaeological Experimentation
  11. Wiseman, Regge N.: The Continuing Saga of the King Ranch Site (LA 26764): Update and Summary of Findings

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